In the Holland Alumni network Career Center you will find anything from information to vacancies to boost your career perspectives in the Netherlands or abroad.

Career in Holland

If you are considering starting a career in the Netherlands after your graduation from a Dutch higher education institution, be sure to check out the information on the orientation year for non-EEU/EU-residents. This special permit scheme will significantly enhance your chances on the Dutch job market. Click here for more information on starting a career in Holland.

More interested in starting your own business in the Netherlands, then explore the information on the Dutch start-up scene and special permit schemes.

Are you looking for vacancies in the Netherlands? Then check out the job feed or visit the links and resources page where you can find an overview of job fairs and job websites in the Netherlands.

Career elsewhere

Not interested in sticking around, but ready to venture out into the world, check out the jobs world-wide section and get some useful tips on CV writing