• Christi LueNationality: Trinidad and Tobago/Dutch (naturalised)
  • Age: 32
  • Field of study: History
  • Current employer: Springer Science+Business Media BV
  • Current position: Acting Editor – Law
Why I started my career in the Netherlands 
I started my career in the Netherlands, I hate to say it, for love. That aside, I felt that the Netherlands offered a wide variety of opportunities and a good support system within the workplace.  
A typical work week 
A typical work week consists of answering emails…a lot of them! Meetings internally, but also with external partners (such as our authors). Sometimes, there is a bit of international travel. However, my work primarily consists of relationship management. 
Cool projects 
Developing publications in new or untapped research areas. Developing new publication products to meet the needs of our academic partners.
What I like about the Dutch work mentality
I very much appreciate the Dutch healthy work-life balance mentality. In the office, everyone, including the manager takes their full holiday leave, and it is encouraged to do this. Working hours and demands are not strenuous and companies take an active interest (if you wish) in your work and personal development.
My career advice to you
Find a job or career that suits your lifestyle (and not the other way around). Learn Dutch (whether or not you work in the language). It will enhance your life outside of the workplace and encourage you to settle in the job (and country) for a longer period of time – rather than just a short stay.
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