• Nationality: Indian
  • Age: 33
  • Field of study: Chemistry/Biotechnology/Management
  • Current employer: ZoBio BV
  • Current position: Group and Project Lead
  • City: Leiden

Why I started my career in the Netherlands

I came to the Netherlands to pursue my Ph.D. in Chemistry at Leiden University. Netherlands was recommended to me first by my master’s thesis advisor (I completed my masters in the U.K.) so I started to look for positions in the Netherlands. When I travelled for the first time to the Netherlands- I immediately liked it - lots of bikes, windmills, flowers and people with a great cultural blend of local and internationals. After my Ph.D. I continue to work in the Netherlands in a biotech company. After my stay here for >10 years- I recommend the Netherlands-  I enjoy it here :) 

A typical work week 

I work in a biotech company that focuses on developing innovative methods to accelerate preclinical drug discovery programs. A typical work week is trying to solve problems- problems that our clients face and ultimately matter to patients. Meetings, data analysis and reporting are key components of my week. We have dedicated team of about 25 people (with 12 different nationalities) who bring their own expertise. My role is to apply our expertise to problems that matter and ensure that a project can achieve its goals in helping our clients to make impact in patients’ lives. 

Cool projects 

All projects I work with happen to be very cool- Just think of it: there are more than 50,000 proteins in a human cell and there are more than a trillion cells in the human body. Out of 50,000 proteins, we are trying to regulate the activity of a single protein (that is linked to the cause of a disease) by discovering novel synthetic small molecules that hopefully one day will be medicines improving lives of patients.

What I like about the Dutch work mentality 

International environment, English speaking, Open and direct communication, Focus on both work and personal life, Emphasis on sports. 

My career advice to you 

Explore new things, places and don’t be afraid to talk/ask to the person next to you- if it works out then he or she may be is your future mentor/close friend/ colleague/customer and if it doesn’t work out- you tried it anyway!


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dipen-s-a788b24/