• Egemen SahinNationality: Turkish
  • Age: 31
  • Field of study: MSc Engineering and Policy Analysis
  • Current employer: Rabobank
  • Current position: Credit Risk Modeller
Why I started my career in the Netherlands
I came to the Netherlands in 2009 to study a master’s program at Delft University of Technology. During my studies I got into contact with the Dutch companies and had a chance to observe the open-minded, internationally oriented and innovative working culture. This convinced me to start working in the Netherlands instead of going back to my home country after my studies.
Looking at my five years of work experience so far, I am glad that I decided to stay in the Netherlands and start my career here.
A typical work week
It depends on the project phase. But typically I have daily calls with customers to understand their requirements and discuss design decisions.
I also have internal discussions among our project team. Then I follow up on these discussions with activities like design creation, solution documentation, implementation testing etc.
Besides these in-office activities, I frequently travel to the customer sites to conduct interviews, give product demos and give end user training.
Cool projects
I work in large-scale software implementation projects that help our customers solve their challenging planning puzzles. With every new project we solve another unique puzzle and bring business value to a new customer.
Doesn’t this make every project cool? :-)

What I like about the Dutch work mentality

The first things that come to my mind are being efficient and having flat organisational structures.
The Dutch might not have the longest working hours in the world, but they for sure make the most out of their working hours. They feel responsible for their work and try their best to be productive. I admire that.
And one of the nicest characteristics of the Dutch working environment is that you work in a low level of hierarchy. I like the fact that nothing has to be accepted as given and it is okay to challenge your supervisor’s opinions. Contrary to many cultures, voicing your opinion is supported in the Netherlands to reach better decisions by combining different views. Opinions are respected regardless of employees’ positions and I enjoy working in such a culture.

My career advice to you

Find work that you will be passionate about. When you enjoy what you are doing, the rest will follow.
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