• Emine YetisirNationality: Turkish
  • Age: 29
  • Field of study: Law
  • Current employer: Garanti Bank
  • Current position: Legal counsel

Why I started my career in the Netherlands
Experiencing an international study environment at Leiden University made me realise the importance of interacting with other cultures in different ways for my personal and professional development and thus I wanted to start my career in an international environment.
As I was already living in the Netherlands, I decided to stay here after getting my LL.M degree.
A typical work week
On Mondays, we have team meetings to update each other on the progress of our work, decide on the next steps and share lessons learned.
During the week, everybody works on his or her own projects and if needed meetings with internal and/or external parties are planned. All employees have lunch together at the common room where we talk about our own cultures, share our holiday plans etc.
Wednesdays are calm at our office since it is the working-from-home day for most of the colleagues.
We welcome the weekend with having after work drinks - ‘borrel’ as the Dutch say - on Fridays.
What I like about the Dutch work mentality
Having a healthy work-personal life balance and being able to work part-time are the two things I like most about the Dutch work mentality.
My career advice to you
Give yourself time to discover what you really like, in which area you would like to specialise and what type of organisation you would like to work in. Being a trainee or a volunteer would help you a lot in this regard.
Once you know what you really want to do, writing your CV and preparing yourself for an interview will be a lot easier.  

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