Funding for alumni activities, is available for all countries of the Orange Knowledge Programme

The activities are meant to stimulate contacts and networking opportunities between alumni, alumni networks, Dutch knowledge institutions, Dutch embassies, the Dutch business community and/or other relevant parties.

The Country Plans of Implementation (CPIs) and the Country focus document define the priority themes per country. The CPIs also describe the main capacity needs and areas of intervention per priority theme. Alumni activities need to contribute to building knowledge and skills within the chosen (sub-)themes for the country or region in question.

The activities should preferably be linked with activities at Dutch embassies, such as hosting or co-hosting meetings, providing support for incoming delegations, programme or project presentations, visits to businesses, round-table discussions about development cooperation themes, etc.

If necessary, the embassy in question will be asked for advice about your application. Alumni associations in the participating countries or Dutch knowledge institutions may apply for a grant for alumni activities. A co-funding requirement applies for a number of countries.

A grant for alumni activities can be provided for a maximum of 2 proposals (of up to € 5,000 each) per alumni network/country.

Check the policy framework published in the 'Staatscourant' or Nuffic website for more information.

Grant application form