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The fields used in the Holland Alumni network can be divided into standard and custom fields. We also requested to delete some standard fields and add custom fields in certain pages. Here is some information on the fields we use and where we get the data from. 

note: In April 2020 we did a big clean up and update of all the drop down lists and fields. See the excel sheet on sharepoint "Data fields + Drop-down values_old vs new".

Country and Nationality list

For the country list we use this list: 

The 2 letter ISO codes are mentioned here as well. This list is used by Global Development and K&I as well. The nationality list is based on this and manually generated by K&I (Afshin). 

This has been updated in april 2020.

Field of study and detailed field of study

The field of study dropdown is the same as used by other Nuffic departments. However because these study fields are very broad we decided to add the field 'detailed field of study" based on the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) norms. 

We decided not to merge and map existing study fields because it is very difficult to match them and we wanted to prevent data loss. 

Custom fields

To better make use of the platform we asked AlumnForce to implement some custom fields. In time we also noticed that some custom fields were not necessary anymore and we requested to delete them. Before we add a field, it is very important to think about whether this fields is really neccessary for the long term as it will effect the storage of data. 

The current custom fields are:

- Nationality

- Scholarship

- Programme type

- Field of study

- Detailed field of study

- HEI non-NL

Last updated: 25 March 2020

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