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Members can add organisations to their work experience or organisations accounts can create new organisations. We have decided not to validate these organisations as that brings too much work. However, the result is that there are many double organisations and fake organisations. Using an easy dedeplucation tool we can clean the organisation list. This needs to be done twice a year. 

Note: this is not the same as cleaning up organisation accounts!

1: Go to list of duplicates

Go to your left-side menu and click on "career>organisations>list of duplicates"


2. Select keep or merge

Here you see the list of organisations categorized by similar names. Select the organisations that you want to clean up and decide whether you want to keep the organisations as listed or merge them together by clicking on "actions>merge/delete/keep"

If you merge the organisations you can select which information, such as name, profile picture and description, you want to keep. The members affiliated with the organisation will automatically be merged to the new organisation.

To decide whether you want to merge the organisation check online if they are the same companies or not, and if necessary adjust the name to the correct one. You can also check whether it is the same organisation by visiting the profiles of the affiliated members. Based on their country for example you can see whether these are the same companies are not. Also based on the number of members you can guess which organisation has the most correct name. If you found out they are different organisations, select "keep" and these organisations will not appear again in the duplication list. 

In case it is a non-existent organisations, such as 'ndjksldkh'  do not hesitate to delete this organisation. 

Last updated: 8 January 2020

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