How can I manage and view the applicants of my job offers (recruiter)

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You have posted a job offer and now you want to view who these applicants are and review them. 

 Note: only if you have added 'email collecting applications' in your vacancy, you can view and manage the applicants

Step 1: Check your email

After your job offer has been posted, you will receive an email every time somebody has applied to your job offer.  If they have send a resume and CV, you can find these in the attachment of the email. 

Note: the name of the documents attached are automatically changed to the format of the website (CV- name and LM-name)

Step 2: View the popularity of your job offer

Go to  “my recruitment>my jobs” to see how many views your job has and how many applicants.

In this case, your job has 4 views and 1 applicant. If you want to see the details about the applicants for this job particular job offer, click on 1 applicant

Step 3: View all applications

If you have posted multiple job offers and you want to see all applications, go the left side bar and click on "my recruitment>applications for my offers". Now you will see an overview of all the applicants to all your jobs. There are several options to filter the applicants, by name, email, job offer, Dutch education institution .

Besides this, you can also sort the results on application date, job offer, first name and last name. To view the applicants for a certain job offer, filter on the relevant job offer or follow the steps as mentioned in step 2. 

Step 3: Review the applicants

In the overview you can see all relevant information about the applicants. Here is an example of an applicant: 

You are able to view their attached documents (in this case it is only a resume), see their personal information and short motivation. You can also send them a message directly by clicking on "send a message"

Step 4: Track the status of your assessment

After you have assessed an application, you can track this by changing the status from to be reviewed to another status (to review/good fit/offer done/hired)

This also is convenient when you have multiple applicants, because this enables you to filter them on status. 

Step 5: Close the job offer

When the deadline for application has passed you will receive a notification in your email. Choose whether the position has been filled or if you want to post the position again. 

If you want to close a job earlier than the application deadline that is also possible, however only an administrator is able to this. Let us know through the contact form or via know you want to close the job offer and if and how the job offer was filled. 

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