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You are an alumni or organisation and have a job offer that you want to share amongst the many Holland Alumni on this platform. You can easily do this at the career centre! Read here how to and your job offer will be visible at the jobs-worldwide page. 

Note that only members have access to the job-worldwide page.  Moreover, organisation accounts are only able to see their own vacancies and not the vacancies published by others. 

Step 1: Go to the job board

Open the menu bar on the left side and go to my recruitment>my jobs.  Another way is to go directly to the page 'Jobs World-wide'

Now click on "add a job" or "add an internship offfer" depending on what you want to do. 

 Step 2: Fill out the organisation information

Choose the right organisation for the vacancy. You can search existing organisations and choose the right one, 

or when your organisation is not in the database yet you can add a new organisation by clicking on "Add the organisation "X" to the website".  After that you are requested to fill out the relevant information of your organisation. 


Make sure all the information is correct and "add a logo".  It is important to add the logo because  this will be visible in the overview of job offers.  If you want to elaborate more about your company, you add text to the Organisation Overview section. 

Step 3: Fill out the job offer information

Make sure you fill in all the possible fields to make the vacancy as clear and attractive as possible. 

Then add the job description and profile of the ideal candidate. It is also possible to 'insert an image' here of the vacancy.  

If you have any other relevant documents you want to share, you can 'attach a file'. Step 4: Fill out application information

Here you can fill in the information of the recruiters. 

Important: if you fill in a different email address than your own at Email collecting applications , the other person cannot view the candidates' profile if they do not have an account nor use any of the features offered by us. However, the CV and Cover letter will be send as attachment to the email address filled in, so assessment is possible. 

If you are posting a job offer for a company because you just want to share it, fill in Apply for a position via this link and add the relevant link. If there is no relevant link, make sure you mention the email address to which the applications should be send to somewhere in the vacancy!

If you fill in both 'email collecting applications' and 'apply for a position via this link', the latter one will overrule and applicants will be directed to the link. 

After you have checked everything, "tick the box you have received consent"  and click on "submit to an administrator"

Your job offer will be validated by an administrator.  You will receive a confirmation of approval and your job will be visible in the jobs worldwide section. 

Your job offer has been published!

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