How do I add a Facebook feed to my community/link to my Facebook group or Twitter account

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You are the manager or moderator of a community and you want to link your Facebook page to your community (or any other RSS feed). This makes it easier to bundle all relevant information in one place without having to repost everything. 

note: This only works for Facebook pages, and not for Facebook groups. Also Twitter doesn't allow these kind of integrations, so unfortunately it is not possible to connect to your Twitter account through a feed, However, you can link to your Twitter account or Facebook group. Read below for more information. 

Step 1: Go to the FB plug-in tool

Go to 

Copy and paste the url of your Facebook page to the Facebook Page Url section. Change the width to "340" and height to "500". Then click on "get code" and click on "Iframe".  Copy the entire code you see below. 

Step 2: create a static page

Go the relevant community and click on configuration>static pages>add a static page.

Change the page title to Facebook and click on "code view". 

Now copy and paste the code from the FB plug-in tool in the page body. Click on "code view" again.  Now the code changes into a feed. 

Click on "create this page" and your page has been created. 

Step 3: Add the page to the menu

Go to the menu builder and click on "Facebook" under static pages. Click on "add to the menu" and press "save"

Your FB feed has been added! 

You can repeat the same steps for any other feed. The only thing is that you need to have the code in an Iframe format

Step 4: Adding multiple (FB) feeds

For example, you want two facebook feeds next to each other. 

Step 4a: follow the steps as mentioned above

Step 4b: repeat step 1 for the second feed

Step 4c: create a table

Create a table in your static page. Add as many columns as feeds you want to include. When you want to include 2 feeds, you create 2 columns. 

Paste one code string into one column and the other code string into the other column

Step 4d: select table style and save

Press "full screen"

 Now select "table style" (sometimes you need to type in something for this field to pop up) and choose "borderless". Click on "save". 

Your multiple Facebook feeds have been created!

Optional: Link to your Facebook group or Twitter

As Twitter does not offer the Iframe format, it is not possible to add a Twitter feed. However you can create a Twitter tab that directly links to your Twitter feed on the Twitter website. The same goes for Facebook groups. 

Go to configuration>menu builder. Click on "custom links" and "add to the menu". The following screen will appear. 

Rename the Navigation title to "Twitter", select the element opening "in a new window" and copy and paste the url of your Twitter feed. Click "change" and "save". Your tab called Twitter has now been created! 

Note: another option would be to link to your Facebook or Twitter page in the "About" section of your community.

Last updated: 14 July 2020

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