How do I add members to my community?

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You are the moderator or manager of a community and want to easily add multiple people to the community. Or you are member and want invite other Holland Alumni over to this community . There are several ways to promote and add members to a community.

1. Share the link of the community

If you want to invite others over for the community, the easiest way is to send them a link to the community. This works for all commmunity types! (Also for hidden communities).

You can go to the community and copy the url or click on the share button you see below. 

This will lead you to the following screen and allows you to share the community on social media or invite member with a message. 

2. Add members manually

As a moderator or manager you can add members manually by going to "members>add members". 

Type in the name of the people you want to add and choose the right person from the results that show up. You can add multiple people a time. 

3. Use automatic populating

Automatic populating adds members with a certain criteria automatically to the community. 

Note: currently, this is only possible for Country, Education Institution and Thematic communities. However, if this is relevant for your community, usually an admin will activate the automatic populating at the start of the creation of the community. 

To set automatic populating go to "members>automatic populating".

Choose the criteria you want to use and the results will show up on the right side. 

You have the option to choose "delete members that are already included but do not match your criteria".  This option is very useful if you really want a closed community that meet your criteria. 

Note: it is possible to set multiple filters and you only have to set up automatic populating once. It will continue to add new members when they meet the criteria. 

4. Import members in community

It is possible to import members directly in a community. However, we only do this when it is at least a few hundred of members that you want to add to your community. If you make use of this possibility, please send your request to us via 

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