How do I change my profile information

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It is important you complete your profile as much as possible and to keep  it up to date.  When you have just  created your account you will be guided through a process to complete your profile to a 100%. After that , you can easily adjust your information anytime.

Also check the online help  my account>how do I link my profile to LinkedIn to synchronise your profile with your LinkedIn information. 

Note: information that you cannot change yourself is:

  • First name and last name
  • Student or Alumnus status
  • The 1st Higher Education Institution

If you want to change this information, send us an email via the contact form. 

I have just created my account and want to complete my profile

Go to the left-side bar and click on "complete your profile". 

You now see the screen below. You are asked to add a picture, professional experiences, your presentation, a skill, your current position and and add an interest.  Each line will redirect you to a new box and gives you the opportunity to fill out all your information. Everytime you fill something in, the percentage completed will go up.

I want to update my profile

If you want to update your information, go to the left-side bar and click on "update my profile".  Now you  see your profile and everything that you can update. 

1. Presentation, work experience, additional education and associations


2. Update your general information and education background

Note that there also fields that are not relevant for everybody such as CBP (Capacity Building Project) and YEP (Young Expert Programme).

3. Update your languages, interests and website

4. Update your portfolio and add your CV

You can add media (videos, pictures, presentations, links and other documents) in your portfolio and either upload your own CV or generate a CV with the information that you have provided in your profile. 

Read the online help "How to create an automatic generated CV" to read more about how to create an online generated CV. 

5. Update your professional aspirations

Click on "current situation". You can indicate here whether your are looking for job or are interested in receiving job offers. 

To read more about this feature, check out the online help career centre>How can I indicate I am looking for a job

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