How do I create a board tab in my community?

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You are the moderator or manager of a community and want to add a board tab in your community so members can see who is on the board. This is how it works. 

Note: This function is only possible to be made by the moderator or manager of the community

1. Go to your community

Go to your community and click on  “configuration>menu builder”. 

Go to menu builder and add “team”

2. Add a menu item 

Add under modules “team” by clicking on it and click on "Add to the menu"

3. Change name of the tab

When you add the menu item to the menu you can change the name of the tab by changing the Navigation Title. Change the name to Board and click “edit”.

Item was added successfully and click “back to menu”. 

4. Place the tab in the right position

Now you can “drag the tab” to the place where you want it in the menu.

Drag it between “Members and Facebook”

Save your settings by clicking on the “Save” button on top

Now the new tab is in the menu

5. Creating the board

Create your board by adding the “members of your board”

Click on “add a member”

A window will open to “add members” to the board and you can easily add members and give them the right title (Vice-president, Secretary, Member). 

Now you successfully created the “Board” tab!

Tip: To get the most out of your board tab, make sure the board members updated their profile and their profile picture

Last updated: 06-4-2020

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