How do I join or leave a community?

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If you are a member of the Holland Alumni network you can join one of the communities on our website. We have communities per country, education institution, scholarship and thematic and practitioner communities. There are several ways you can become a community member and you can also leave a community whenever you want. 

1. Join a community yourself

Go the community page and click on  "join community" under beneath the community that you want to join. Now you are member of that community!

Note: not all communities are open for everybody. For some communities a community manager needs to accept you in the community and other communities are secret. These secret communities are based on invite-only. 

2. Join a community through an invitation link

A current member of a community can send you an invitation to join a community. You will receive a message about this and you simply go to "my communities" in the left-side menu. The community is visible here and you click on 'accept the invitation'.  

3. Automatically join a community based on your invitation

Sometimes you are automatically added to a community based on the information in your profile. This is the case for country, scholarship and education institution communities. Sometimes this is also the case for thematic communities.  

If you do not want to be part of that community you can simply leave the community by going to that community and clicking on "actions>leave community"

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