How do I set a candidate alert? (recruiter)

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You are a recruiter and want to receive an alert in your inbox when a member meets your criteria. That is possible! Read here how to.

Note: as a student you do not have access to this feature. 

Step 1: Go to candidate alerts 

Go to the left submenu and click on "my recruitment>my candidate alerts". 

 Step 2: Set your candidate alert

It is possible to set different candidate alerts with different criteria. Create a candidate alert by clicking on "add a candidate alert"

Now you see a window where you can add filters for your alert. First give the alert a name, for example technical candidates. The only other required field is Applicant Status. You can choose whether you want to receive alerts only from members that are looking for a new job or are also interested in recruitement information, or both. Next to this factor, you can choose position type, sector, level of experience and country. Click the "save" button and your alerts has been created! The alert will now be visible in the candidates alert overview and you can edit your alert anytime you want by clicking on "actions>edit".  View the details of the  alert by clicking on "details"

Step 3: View the results of your alert

To view the results of your alerts you simply click on the "X results"

You see an overview of all the results that meet your criteria. You can filter on looking for a position and interested in received job offers and recruitment offers. On the left side you can use additional filters to narrow down your search (the names of the results are blurred). 

Besides actively searching for candidates here, you will receive a notification mail everytime somebody meets your criteria. 

Step 4: Stop the candidate alert

You have found the candidate you ar looking for or simply want to stop the alert. Go to "my recruitment>candidate alerts" and change 'activate the alert' to 'deactive the alert'. Now your alert has been deactivated. 

If you want to delete the alert, click on "actions> delete"

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