How do I set a job alert

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You are looking for a job and want to be notified when relevant job offers are offered at the Holland Alumni network. Set a job alert! Read here how to.

Step 1: Go to job alerts

Go to the left menu bar and click on "myjobsearch>jobalerts".  Here you see an overview of the job alerts you have created

Step 2: Create a job alert

Click on "add a job alert"

Now fill in the criteria you want. The only required field here is Alert Title. 

Important: keep in mind that these criteria work as and and not if. For example, if you fill in position type, sector and contract. It will search the vacancies that meet all 3 criteria. However, you can add multiple categories in position type, sector and contract. If you fill in at sector agriculture and food & Marketing and communication, the job alert will search for both type of sectors. 

Add multiple alerts to create the right combination of criteria. 

Click on "save" to save the job alert. 

Step 3: See the results of the job alert

Click on “ X results” to show the results of your job alert.

In the overview of the results you see in blue what the criteria are for the selected job alert results. In this case it is consultancy and management, agriculture and food, and marketing and communication. 

You do not need to check the results of the job alerts everytime. You will receive a notification mail when a new job offers has been created that meets your criteria. 

Step 4: Changing or stopping the job alert

If you want to change or stop the job alert go the overview of job alerts (step 1).  To see the details of the alert click on "details".  To change the job alert click on "actions>edit"  and to delete it click on "actions>delete". 

If you do not want to delete the alert, but temporarily deactivate the alert, change 'activate the alert' into 'deactivate the alert'. 

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