How to apply for one of the jobs offered in the career centre

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On the Holland Alumni network you can find several sources and links to vacancies. However, in the Jobs World-Wide section you can find an overview of job offers posted by fellow alumni and organisations and immediately apply for them. But how do you do this?  

Note: You can only see this page and apply for a job offer when you are logged in with your account.

Step 1: Find the relevant job

Go to career centre>job opportunities>jobs worldwide to see the complete overview of current job offers. 

Another option is going to the left side bar and click on "my job search>see jobs". 

You can filter the jobs on the left side with different criteria: organisation, type of contract, type of positions, sector, experience and coutnry.  Another option is to search on title/position, company name or location. 

If the right job is not currently there, set a job alert to always be up to date about relevant job offers! (See the online help how to set an alert). 

Step 2: Select the job and view

Once you have found a job you are interested in, click on the job offer to see all the details. 

You can view how popular the job offer is and how many have applied already.

Tip:  scroll down to see which Holland Alumni are working at the relevant company! In this case there are 2 Holland Alumni working at the company offering the job, of which 0 are your contacts. By clicking on "x members" you will see which members are working there. 

You can send them a message directly or add them to your contacts to ask them for advice. 

Step 3: Apply for the job

If you want to apply for the position you have the option to apply through "Apply via external website" or "Apply for job offer" depending on the preferences of the recruiter. 

If there is a link with "apply via external website", you will be directed to an external website. You can complete your application there. If there is a link with "Apply for job offer", you have the option to directly fill in the form and attach your resume and cover letter. 

Important: regardless of whether you fill in a differnt mail address here, only the mail address that is connected to your account will be visible for the recruiter. 

It is possible to apply without CV and cover letter, however a screen will pop-up that shows you didn’t add the documents. Only the motivation in few lines is required to send the application, however, usually a CV and cover letter are needed to be able to be considerd for the job.

Note: It is possible for the same account to apply several times for the same vacancy. If you have already applied for the position this will be visible when you view the job offer. 

Step 4: Confirmation

You will receive a notification in your inbox that you have successfully applied for the vacancy. You also receive the documents that you have send as an attachment. 

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