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You want to create a news article, what now? 

Step 1: create a new article

  • I am a student/alumni: you can only create a news article in a community. First you have to join a community and then go to the tab "articles" and click on "add an article".

  • I am an organisation: you can create a news article in the same way as a student/alumni. If you want to create an article only for the global news calendar and not share it with a specific community, you can also go to "news&events>news". Click on "add an article". 

Step 2: add title and text

Add your title and text either by typing in the text editor or copying text from another source. Always delete the lay-out format or click on "cell formatting" afterwards. The standard font the website uses is not an option in the font family, so there are two options to get the right font: clearing the format or change it into text style large.

Step 3: use the right lay-out

Make sure the lay-out of your text is correct. We have created some guidelines to make sure all events have the same lay-out.


Large text bold

Standard text

Large text

Heading 1

X Large text bold

Heading 2(only when applicable)

Huge text bold

Link to text

Text Large/Orange

Call to action (register now)

Primary button

SourceText Large Italics

When you have applied the guidelines, your event should look similar to this:

step 4: adjust the settings and add pictures or documents

Always select a "category" (alumni news, thematics news or news about Holland) and "add a cover picture". The cover picture will be shown in the overview of articles and attracts the reader to click on your article!

The date of publication is in default on the current date, however you can change the date of publication (to the past or the future). If you set the publication date to the future, your article will only be visible from that date onwards. 

Add pictures or documents through the tabs photo gallery or document gallery or simply click on add pictures/documents.  Once you have added the pictures and documents, they will appear on the right side of the screen of the event. If you want to insert a picture or document in the text, you should do it in the text editor. 

step 5: save as draft and publish

After you have finished all steps click on "save as draft". Your articles has not been published yet and you are free to edit the article. After you have double-checked everything, click on "publish". Your article is now online. 

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