How to create an emaling campaign/newsletter?

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You are the manager or moderator of a community and want to send a newsletter to you community members. You can create a newsletter and personalise it to how you want. Here is how to create one!

1. Set-up the the campaign

Go to the relevant community by going to the "left-side menu bar>my communities" and select the relevant community. 

Now click on "configuration>emailing campaign".  An emailing campaing is the same as sending a newsletter. 

Here you see the overview of the emailing campaigns created in the community. To create a new emailing campaign, click on "create a new campaign".  You are now in the first step  of creating an emailing campagin and you see the following screen:

There are 3 different sections to fill in:

  1. General information: add a cover picture, campaign title and the colours of the newsletter. 
  2. Section 1: Enter the title and text of your first topic here. Also do not forget to add a picture. You either do it via the box "add a picture to this section" or do it with the text editor. We recommend to do it via the text editor (see below)  because here you can choose the alignment/distance to the text better.  
  3. Secton 2: This is optional if you have more topics to communicate.  Click on "add a new section" to create new sections. 
  4. Footer: Mention anything you want to put in the footer. 

Now click on "save as a draft>ok"

Tip: play around with the lay-out and click on "preview" in the upper right corner to preview how your emailing campaing will look like. 

If you like how your emailing campaing looks like, click on "save and go to next step".

Step 2:  Recipients list summary

Now you see an overview of the recipients.

In this case it will be send to 21 members. 

Note: it is not possible to select a certain group or individual in the community to send the emailing campaign to. It will be send to the whole community. 

The only thing you can select is the box "force sending to unactivated accounts". This can be useful when your community was just created or when still a lot of members have an unactivated account in your community. 

Now click on "save and go next step". 

Step 3:  Delivering settings

Now choose whether you want to send the emailing campaign now or at a later moment. If you choose the latter, select a date and time. Now click on "confirm". 

Step 4: Dispatch information

You have successfully created the emailing campaign. Now it needs to be validated by an admin and your emailing campaign will be send out. 

Step 5: Receive the emailing campaign in your inbox

This is how your campaign could look like: 

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