How to create an event (organiser)

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As a registered student, alumni or organisation you can create your own event.

Step 1: create the event 

Go to the left side menu and click on "my events>add an event" or go to "news &events>events>add an event" through the main menu.  Here you enter the details of your events such as event title, description, data, event category and address. Important is that you always add a cover picture because this picture will show in the overview of events. 

If you want to share your event with a community, you should  first go to the relevant "community>calendar>add an event"Your event will then be posted in the community and in the general event page. Note: As group manager or medium administrator this is not necessary, you can choose to post the event in a specific community from news&events>events>add event

Step 2: lay-out

Make sure the lay-out of your text is correct. We have created some guidelines to make sure all events have the same lay-out.


Large text bold

Standard text

Large text

Heading 1

X Large text bold

Heading 2(only when applicable)

Huge text bold

Link to text

Text Large/Orange

Call to action (register now)

Primary button

When you have applied the guidelines, your event should look similar to this:

Step 3: add a picture or document

Add pictures or documents through the tabs "photo gallery" or "document gallery"Once you have added the pictures and documents, they will appear on the right side of the screen of the event. It will look like this:

 If you want to insert a picture or document in the text, you should do it with the text editor.

Step 4: set the registration settings

Go to the tab "registration settings" 

step 4a: When you only want to create the event on the Holland Alumni network, but not do the registration through us, untick the box "open for registration"

step 4b: If the event registration is done through HAn, you have some ticket options. 

  • Amount of tickets sold
  • Maximum amount of tickets sold per booking
  • Time limited tickets
  • Tickets only sold to a specific user (alumni, student, organization)
  • Ticket price

You can change these options per type of ticket. You can give the ticket a name and add a description. There is also on option non-members may use this ticketIf you tick this box, non-members of HAn can join the event. Choose what kind of personal information you want to receive from these participants. 

Step 5: save and publish

When you are done editing your event, click on "save as draft" and change it into "submit for validation" and click on "OK". You will receive a notification on screen that the event needs to be validated by an administrator. You receive a mail in your inbox when the event has been validated or removed. 

note: as group manager of a community your event does not have to be validated when you create an event in that community. 

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