How to export community members into excel

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You are a community manager and want to export the information of your community members into an excel sheet. 

Note: only a community member is able to do this. We trust the community manage will handle the information with care. 

Step 1: Go to your community

Go to your "community>members>export members"

Step 2: select the relevant fields

Now you see the following field:

Export fields: the fields you can export

Selected fields to be exported: the fields you export. 

If there are fields you do not want to export, you select that field and click on the blue Arrow <<. The field will now appear in the Export fields box. If you want to include other fields in your export, you select that field and click on the blue Arrow >>. Now it will appear in the selected fields to be exported box. With the other two arrows that point upwards and downwards you can select in what order you want the colums to be in the excel sheet. 

Now select the preferred export format. We recommend xls or xlsx. Then choose the purpose of the export. This does not influence the outcome of your export . Click on "export data" and you will receive the following notification.

The information has now been exported and can be fuond by clicking on the url send in the email. 

Step 3: Interpreting the export fields

Not all names of the exported fields are straightforward, so this will help you:

ID (school)User ID on platform
Birth nameSame as last name
Prefix DEIThis is always NL (not relevant for you)
Statut contributor communitiesWe do not use this (not relevant for you)
Personal addres - NPAINPAI = RTS (return to sender) means that the personal address is not up-to-date

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