How to send a message to the attendees (organiser)

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You have created an event and now you want to send a message to the participants. There are two ways to do this. The first way will be explained here and is through the Holland Alumni network. This is suitable for short and simple messages as you cannot change the lay-out of the message. The second way is to do it through your own email. Read in  "How to export the information of the participants" how to view or export the information of the participants. 

Note: only if you are the creator of the event or if the event has been published in a community and you are the community manager you can send messages to the participants.

Step 1: go to your event

First go to your event. If the event has been created by you, you can find the event by going to the left-side bar and click on "my events". Or you can go to "news&events>events" and search the event there. If the event has only been shared within a specific community you should find the event in that community. 

Step 2: create a message

Click on "action>send a message to attendies"

Now you see the following screen:

Enter the subject of your message in the message subject and the text you want to send in message body. You can personalize the message by adding the short code for the first name and/or last name. 

For example:

Dear {firstname},

or Dear {firstname} {lastname},

Then click on "send". Your message has been send to all participants. They will receive the message in their mailbox. 

Note: only the participants of the event receive this message. Users that have indicated to be interested in this event will not receive this message. You can contact them by sending them individual messages by clicking on their profile. 

This is how the message looks like: The subject is 'welcome' and the message body is 'I am glad you join the event'. A link to the event is automatically added below the message. 

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