How to send out invitations to community members (organiser)

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You have created an event and now you want to promote the event .You can send an emailing campaign by clicking on send invitations. However, you can only send the invitations to a whole community. So make sure the event is relevant for everyone in the community. 

Note: only if you are the creator of the event or if the event has been published in a community and you are the community manager or moderator you can send invitations to community members 

Step 1: go to the event

First go to your event. If the event has been created by you, you can find the event by going to the left-side bar and click on "my events". If the event was not created by you, but shared in your community, you should find the event in that community.

If the event has been created by you, go to "actions>send invitations"

If the event is in a community, go to "configuration>manage the events>send invitations"

Step 2: set up your invitation

You now see the following screen:

It automatically shows the current title of the event and text that describes the event. Edit the campaign title and content of the campaign. Now change the full name of the sender to your name and change the email sender to your email address. If the event has not been posted directly in a community you will have the option to choose the recipients list. Choose the right community to send the invitations to. You can see a preview of the invitation by clicking on "preview" on the right upper side. 

It will look similar to this:

Click on "save and go the next step"

Now you see an overview of the recipients and how many will receive the invitation . You can choose to send the invitation to recipients that have already received the invitation by ticking the box "force to send to members who have already received the invitation". We never tick the box "force sending to unactivated accounts". 

Click on "save and go the next step". 

Here you can choose whether you want to send the invitation now or schedule it for later. 

Click on "confirm" and your invitation has been send or created! 

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