How to view or export the information of the attendees (organiser)

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You have created an event and now you want to know who has signed up for the event and what their (contact) details are. 

Note: only if you are the creator of the event or if the event has been published in a community and you are the community manager you view or export this information. 

Step 1: Go the event

First go to your event. If the event has been created by you, you can find the event by going to the left-side bar and click on "my events". Or you can go to "news&events>events" and search the event there. If the event has only been shared within a specific community you should find the event in that community. 

Step 2: View your attendies

Click on "action>manage attendies"

Here you see an overview of all the attendees. On the left you can search and filter on user, payment type and payment status. 

You can also order the results by participation date, attendees name, status or amount. 

Step 3: export the information

Click on "the selected attendies" in red below export . If you have used a filter to search, then it will only export the information of the participants that meet the filter requirements. If you want to export the information of all participants you need to delete the filters. 

Now you see the following screen: 

It automatically selects all fields to export .If there are fields you do not want to export, you select that field and click on the blue Arrow <<. The field will now appear in the Export field box. If you change your mind and want to include that field in your export, you select the field again and click on the blue Arrow >>. Now it will appear in the selected fields to be exported box again. With the other two arrows point upwards and downwards you can select in what order you want the colums to be in the excel sheet. 

Now select the preferred export format. We recommend xls or xlsx. Then choose the purpose of the export. This does not influence the outcome of your export . Click on "export data" and on "click here to download your file"

The information has now een exported!

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