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Admin vs member notifications

As an admin you can change almost all notification on the platform. You can change both the content and whether it is being send or not. To change the website notifications you go to your admin bar and select settings>notifications. 

important: If you want to change your personal settings, do that in your member setting! Otherwise you are changing the settings for the whole database.

Now you see an overview of all notifications. You can search by feature or by notification name. The notifications with an desktop icon (marked in yellow) are only send to admins and medium admins, and all the other notifications are for regular members. 

The status "Off/On" means whether the notification is being send or not. 

The Force send "yes/no" means whether the system sends out the notifications in case the user has stated he/she doesn't want to receive the notification. If it is yes, the user will receive this notification regardless of their notification settings. This should only be selected for notifications that are crucial

Note: users don't have access to all these settings in their personal profile settings.  

Lay-out of Notifications

As explained above, you can change the text of the notifications but also the lay-out. When you do this keep the following in mind:

  1. Be consequent in your changes, all the notifications should have the same look and feel
  2. When changing the lay-out make sure you do not change any of the <codes> which are recognizable by these <> brackets. If you change this, the notification might not work anymore.
  3. Videos do not work in notifications and also not in emailing campaigns/activation campaigns. A work around for this is making a screenshot of the video and pasting the link of the video to the screenshot

Notification rules

In the past, and now still, users sometimes get too many notifications because there is no notification digest. Users get a notification for every single thing, but because the amount of members is a lot,  AlumnForce decided to limit the notifications send in communities bigger than 5000 members. This because otherwise the server gets overloaded. 

The notifications in the website change with almost every update,  but these are often bugs. To get an idea of how the notifications should work in communities, here is an overview of the "rules"

  • Newly registered users do not receive any notifications. They have to select which notifications they want to receive
  • Communities with >5000 members don't send notifications. 
    • BUT it depends on the notifications settings of the users. If of the 5000 members only 4500 selected they want to receive notifications, they will still receive notifications
  • When shared from global calendar to a community, no notifications
  • When shared from one community to another community, only a notification is send to the community it was shared from.

Last updated: 24 July 2020 

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