Sending an emailing campaign to a specific target group

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As you know you can send emailing campaigns to your community, but it is also possible to send an emailing campaign to a bigger audience based on the filters you want!

Step 1. Create a report

See the Help on Website Statistics to read how you can create a report. Once you have created the report click on "Emailing: create a recipient list"

If this option is not available, it means a recipient list was already created. 

Step 2: Create an emailing campaign

Create an emailing campaign from the admin bar on your left-side menu. Click on communication>emailing campaign

Now create a new campaign by clicking on "create a new campaign".

Step 3: Choose a recipient list

Select the list you have just created under "recipient list". Here you can select all the communities as well as find other recipients lists. Therefore it is important you delete old recipient lists if they are not relevant anymore. Otherwise the list will become chaotic and you don't know anymore which list is relevant and which not. 

Now set up your campaign by filling in all the right information and you are ready to go!

Note: if you want to send an emailing campaign to multiple communities (say 5 communities), it might be easier to create a report first selecting the relevant communities, and then send it in one go using the instructions as stated above. You can also send it individually, but that might be more work. 

Last updated: 25 July 2020

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