Sub-Processor agreement & Service agreement managers

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The sub-processor agreement and service agreement need to be signed by the community manager. The Sub-Processor agreement is aimed at securing the safety of the data of the community members and the service agreement is there to make clearly what the expectations are from the manager.

Who needs to sign these documents? 

The community manager needs to sign this and Chris. The moderator is not obliged to sign any document  because the manager is the main responsible person for the community and is the only one who can export the members list from the community. 

How do I fill in these documents? 

The documents are stored in sharepoint and you only need to fill in the blanks. Look at a previously signed agreement for an example. 

The only things you need to fill in are name, info of organisation, date and sign. 

Don't forget to first save the word document as a copy and to finalize it, make it a pdf. 

Transfer of manager rights

The community managers need to find their replacement themselves. It would be best if they let us know when there is a new manager, so we can send the sub-processor agreement and service agreement to the new manager. However, as they can change these roles themselves within the platform it is on the evolution to get a notification when the rights are transfered. This is not active yet. 

last update: 26 May 2020

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