The difference between a manager, moderator and member

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You can join a community as a member. However, there need to be people that regulate and build the community. This is why there are moderators and  a manager. Every community can have one manager and multiple moderators and  members. 

Everybody can become a member of a community, unless it is a hidden or closed communityThe moderator is appointed by the managerThe manager is appointed by an administrator. The manager can transer the role of manager to a moderator
  • use the wall: share thoughts and information with the network
  • add articles and revise their own articles
  • create events
  • start a discussion
  • add media
  • see and filter members in the community

  • everything that a member is able to do
  • send emailing campaigns to members
  • add and change static pages
  • change the menu of the community
  • manage the events (approve events, and send invitations)
  • set alerts
  • everything that a member and moderator is able to do
  • manage the articles
  • change the community overall information (description/logo)
  • set options and rights for members
  • accept/decline  members 
  • set notifications
  • export members in a list
note: what a member can or cannot do is also determined by the options and rights set by the manager. 

A manager is in charge of a community and makes sure that the community runs well. Usually, a manager is somebody from a relevant institution or organisation. Moderators are there to assist the manager with creating an regulating content. Moderators can also be somebody from a relevant institution or organisation, but they can also be a student or alumni.

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