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The website tracks certain website statistics and AlumnForce is continuesly working to enlarge the kind of statistics we can track. Read here what kind of statistics you can track and where you can find it. 

note: some statistics we still need to track manually. You can find these in the "Inschrijvingen per week" excel sheet on sharepoint. 

1. Report

As an admin or medium admin you can use the report function. This is helpful when you want to use multiple filters and export a big excel file. 

Go to "users>report"

In principle, all fields can be exported using the export function. If you want to do an export of the same filters structurally or if you want to create an emailing campaign list, create a seperate report for this specific purpose. If you just want to check some statistics, use the "test statistics" report to find the data you need. This helps keep the database clean.

2. Admin dashboard

If you just want to see some quick overview statistic of the members, go to "Users>users" and click on 'display advanced filters". 

You will see the following overview:

The filters you can use here are:

- First name

- Last name

- User ID

- Email

- Dutch education institution

- Sequence code: internal code linked to Dutch education institution

- Study end date

- User type

- Status

- Role

- Addresses in progress of geolocation: users that have filled in country, address and the city have the status "geolocated addresses". 

- Scholarship

- Degree level

- Field of study

- Nationality

If you select your filters, the results show up. You export these results by clicking on "export". 

3. Community statistics

To view general community statistics, go to "users>statistics>communities activities". You can find  the following information:

- all users that belong to a community/not belong to a community

- amount of communities per category/% of activities

- top 20 communities by members

- top 10 communities by visit: this is from the moment the community went live

To view the statistics of a specific community you need to go to that specific community. Click on "see details", which gives you the following view: 

The statistics it shows:

- Articles: the amount of articles from within the community. Articles shared from the global calendar or from another community do not count

- Events

- Discussion

- Media

- Members: these are all members, including non-activated members. To see only the activated members, go to the tab "members"


Member numbers can differ depending on where you are viewing the member list:

  • homepage: activated student and alumni accounts
  • Admin dashboard: Student, Alumni, Organisation, Nuffic  (all statuses)
  • Directory list: activated Student, Alumni, Nuffic

We have requested to change these settings so that all pages show all members of the website

Last updated: 20-3-2020

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