When starting a business in the Netherlands, there are several structures to choose from. The most important question to ask yourself is: do I want a large or small financial risk?

Legal forms without corporate (legal) personality are:

Legal forms with corporate (legal) personality are:

Setting up a legal form with legal personality requires the services of a civil law notary. A legal form without legal personality means you are liable for the debt of your company with your private capital. This is usually not the case for a legal form with legal personality. Please find more information regarding the different legal forms in the brochure 'Starting your own business' issued by the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce.

Self-employed professionals without employees

It is important to note that freelancers occupy a different position. Neither self-employed professional (also known as a zzp'er) nor freelancer is a legal form. Working as a self-employed professional or freelancer you have to select a legal form. Most self-employed professionals act as sole proprietors or have a private limited company. 

Source: business.gov.nl