• Nationality: Dutch
  • Age: 25
  • Field of study: Biomedical sciences, Oncology, Research
  • Current employer: VUmc
  • Current position: PhD student

Why I started my career in the Netherlands 

During my Master’s in Oncology, I applied for the Diamond Program. This program is designed for Master’s students who wish to design and perform their own PhD research at the Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam. One of the criteria of this program is to undertake a PhD at one of the research institutes in Amsterdam. If I had not been selected, would I have started a career outside of the Netherlands? No, for sure not! The Netherlands is my home country, and I love living here! Especially because of the beautiful cities, my friends around, feeling secure and the many opportunities available here.

A typical work week 

A work week consists of many experiments in the lab, a lot of writing and many meetings to share ideas, to present newly acquired data and to get inspired. As a PhD student and as researcher, you have to be flexible, work when needed and be creative. Therefore, no week is the same. 

Cool projects 

Collaborations provide inspiration, motivation and opportunities. Therefore, my favourite project involves a collaboration with a laboratory in San Diego, USA. This project requires the use of innovative techniques. Because of this collaboration I will visit San Diego for six months and learn how to use these techniques. Upon return in the Netherlands, I will be able to use learned techniques and thereby improve my own project. How exciting!

What I like about the Dutch work mentality 

We work hard, have discipline, think out of the box and I love the collegial relationships among co-workers.

My career advice to you

Accept all challenges that come your way, experience living abroad, stay positive and collaborate. Together we can make this world a better world! 

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