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  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Age: 26
  • Field of study: Business
  • Current employer: NN Group
  • Current position: IT Trainee/Innovation, Innovation Specialist
Why I started my career in the Netherlands
I initially started my career in the Netherlands due to a personal desire to apply the knowledge I was given during my master’s here. Later I started a start-up with some Dutch classmates due mostly to an identified market opportunity and ease of creating a company in Amsterdam. 
A typical work week 
In a typical week I am busy reading studies on hardware development, prototyping our new product, programming and testing. I also spend a considerable amount of time studying for my master’s degree and attending classes.
Cool projects 
I’ve worked on several different interesting projects while in Amsterdam. For one of them, I worked with a team providing consulting for a Dutch bank on how to improve their innovation process.
For another project, I worked with a major Dutch technology company on how to develop a new service given their hardware at hand.
Finally, I am currently working on a start-up that produces smart features for standard vehicles, improving the driving experience and safety.
What I like about the Dutch work mentality 
I love how focused and productive Dutch people tend to be. There is a clear notion of what needs to be done during work, while also allowing for networking and getting to know your colleagues during a good coffee break.
My career advice to you
My advice is to get yourself out in the market. Get to know people on a daily basis and experiment with the ideas that come to your mind.
The Dutch market is extremely good for curious, hard-working people, who are not afraid of trying new projects and showing their quality to others.
Want to connect?!
Feel free to add me on LinkedIn and I will be happy to answer some questions. Just search for Lucas Hergl Magalhaes.