• Millicent NgichoNationality: Kenyan
  • Age: 30
  • Field of study: Health and Nutrition
  • Current employer: Johnson & Johnson
  • Current position: External Partnerships Coordinator
Why I started my career in the Netherlands
Working in a foreign country brings a lot of new experience and challenges. The labour laws are better than in my country.
A typical work week
Many hours can be spent in a week for meeting to get a consensus :-)
Cool projects
I would say something that you enjoy and aspire to be part of now and in the future. Projects you feel motivated to continue doing as they bring change or satisfies your wishes or goals.
What I like about the Dutch work mentality
Decision making process. I like this about the Dutch because everyone involved needs to be heard. This sometimes takes a lengthy process. They are open and direct.
My career advice to you
Stand out of the crowd. Shoot for the moon. To be successful, don't follow the pack. If you want to win, don't hedge.
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