• Nilgün SahinNationality: Turkish
  • Age: 32
  • Field of study: Systems Biology
  • Current employer: @samhoud
  • Current position: Data Analist

Why I started my career in the Netherlands
Because it is a very well-known country for its cutting edge technology and knowledge-based economy, I knew I would improve myself in these technological areas by coming here and I was aware of the fact that I could stay for work afterwards.
The Netherlands ranks quite high when it comes to work-life balance, child education and a peaceful environment on world lists. This is somewhat of a criteria when you start to think of settling down.
A typical work week
It consists of full-time work daily, short activities in the evenings, i.e. swimming, going to the gym, and meeting/activities with friends in the weekends. Pretty regular and planned ahead.
Cool projects
I have been involved in several scientific, international projects for my PhD. They are all very cool but this is a niche interest. More widely interesting projects I joined, are social projects organised by international communities living in the Netherlands.
HUTAC and Holland Alumni Network gather internationals together and let them help each other on varied topics, from day-to-day issues to professional level subjects. Expansion of your social network is another advantage of attending these projects.
What I like about the Dutch work mentality
I really like the flat system working environment, where no hierarchy is involved. Moreover, work ethics, the respect everyone shows to you and the understanding when you prioritise your private life is outstanding.
My career advice to you
My career advice to you is to do whatever you like to do as a job. The education, the capabilities or the other people`s opinions should not limit you. The Netherlands is a good place to pursue your wishes, since there are plenty of education programmes to train you on almost anything. 
Furthermore, I advise you to be bold on taking steps towards whatever you want to do. Be confident and trust yourself, thinking everyone was in your shoes once.
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