• Nationality: Bulgarian
  • Age: 29
  • Field of study: Finance
  • Current employer: Avery Dennison
  • Current position: Treasury Analyst FX

Why I started my career in the Netherlands 
I decided back in 2008 to do my Bachelor’s studies in the Netherlands. After spending some time here I got convinced that this country is one of the best places for work and career opportunities, but also for a good work/life balance. 

A typical work week 
My week would start with some planning on Monday morning and looking at the tasks for the coming week, as my position involves a lot of deadline work and execution of tasks. Upon meeting with the team, we would also do a review of pressing matters/ongoing projects and distribute additional tasks/discuss the needs of everyone and maybe assign help when needed. Thursday and Friday usually involve a bit more pressure, as the weekend approaches and many things need to be settled (in my case maturing foreign exchange deals/deposits, etc). 

Cool projects 
At the moment we are running a project for digitalisation of most operations. The department is reviewing what possibilities we have to turn our paper-based daily operations to fully digital workflows that require little to no signing in the most audit-acceptable form. I personally push this project forward, as it would save a lot of paper and printing, but also company resources (foreign exchange trading can be quite a burden on the environment from a paper perspective). 

What I like about the Dutch work mentality 
The Dutch work mentality involves a lot of flexibility. Even though there is always someone above you, you would never feel pressured or ignored in a discussion. When things get tough and the workload increases, it is quite normal that the manager would also take over a part of your work (if he/she sees that you cannot manage within reasonable working hours), or help find a solution to this. All in all, the Dutch work mentality treats employees fair and equal.

My career advice to you
Be proactive, always approach people and be honest about where you want to be and who you are. Be very realistic about your skills and mind-set, and make sure the people you approach are a good target/have good understanding of the career path you have chosen. 

Want to connect?!
Linkedin: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/petyogeorgiev