The Holland Alumni network is an initiative funded by the Dutch government and aims to facilitate an international network of Holland Alumni, future alumni, Netherlands Alumni Associations, Dutch higher education institutions, Dutch embassies and relevant organisations. A Holland Alumnus/a* is anyone  with a study, research or work experience in the Netherlands or with a study experience provided by a Dutch education institution abroad. 

Nuffic has managed the national alumni network since 2009. The network is both active online with this digital platform and offline with events and activities that are organised in the Netherlands and worldwide by Nuffic, its NESO offices, local Netherlands Alumni Associations and other partners. 

*This includes participants of Nuffic Short Courses, Tailor Made Trainings and NICHE projects.

Students and Alumni

The Holland Alumni network offers students and alumni a platform to connect and reconnect with fellow Holland Alumni and Dutch organisations, stay in touch with the Dutch via the news and events calendar and find information about scholarships and career opportunities in the Netherlands.

By registering and becoming a member you gain exclusive access to the following: 

  • Create a profile and send personal messages 
  • Use the worldmap to find alumni and organisations based on your country and field of study/expertise
  • Find and share job vacancies and set job alerts
  • Join communities based on your country of residence or area of expertise, exchange knowledge and stay in touch with relevant Dutch organisations
  • Receive exclusive invitations for events that are organised by Dutch embassies world-wide 

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Holland Alumni are goodwill ambassadors of the Netherlands. Alumni foster international (economic) cooperation and public diplomacy and can strengthen the Dutch labour market. More than 60 Dutch higher education institutions, Holland Alumni Associations, embassies and consulates, NGO's, and companies have registered already to stay in touch with Holland Alumni in the Netherlands and across the globe.

Depending on what type of organisation you are, we can offer the following:

  • Create an organisation profile and gain exposure by sharing news and events in the global calendar
  • Use the worldmap to find specific alumni and organisations based on country, field of study/expertise and send personal messages
  • Join communities based on country of residence or area of expertise and access the members list
  • Create and share events and keep alumni up-to-date on your activities, projects or findings
  • Collaborate with other organisations and organise events together

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