• Nationality Columbian (Dutch nationalised)
  • Age: 36
  • Field of study Mathematics, Logic
  • Current employer Bol.com
  • Current position Fleet Information Analist

Why I started my career in the Netherlands 
After finishing my PhD, it was clear that I did not want to continue in academia. I started visiting career events and I liked the job perspective that I saw. Given that I had been in the Netherlands for six years already, it was a natural step to stay.
A typical work week 
With my current employer I get to discuss with different clients how to optimise their eCommerce activities. Sometimes we stay at the marketing level but very often I have to investigate whether the technology can support the ideas. In such cases I develop designs and POCs (Proofs of Concept) for the client. I very often advise the client on best practices to improve their eCommerce activities.
Cool projects 
With my previous employer we had a great project to use some cutting-edge technology to help the Dutch National Female Rugby team during the qualifications for the Olympic Games in Rio.
At my current employer we are in touch with several big Dutch retailers. We get to discuss some ideas with them and very often I can see those implemented in their web shops a couple of weeks later.
What I like about the Dutch work mentality 
I like the Dutch directness and their efficiency in working. Well-structured and focused on getting things done instead of just talking. Yet they have a very good work-life balance.
My career advice to you
Learn Dutch.
Also, know yourself. Know what makes you happy, what you are good at, and what you are not good at. Try to give honest answers to those questions which come from yourself, not from your parents, friends, financial pressures, diplomas etc. If you give truthful answers to those questions it should be easy to find a place to develop your career.
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