• Nationality: Mexican
  • Age: 28
  • Field of study: econometrics
  • Current employer: Syphony Retail Al
  • Current position: Data Analyst
  • City: Amsterdam

Why I started my career in the Netherlands 

Labour culture in The Netherlands is full of chances to learn and develop; that is what mainly drove me to look for a professional opportunity here after finishing a challenging master degree. Moreover, with a very inclusive society and policies to retain foreign talent, career paths for us internationals are way better than other countries may offer. Finally, being ranked as one of the top countries with the best work-life balance, creates the most suitable environment for an employee development in all aspects. 

A typical work week 

Starting each Monday with fresh fruit provided by the company and digging into some findings from last week’s delivered reports that our client, a supermarket chain, found interesting. Later in the week, working in some new analysis requested as well as attending a couple of meetings with the team and the client to inform how things are going.

Cool projects 

By working for a retailer as my main client, whenever I get a project concerning a product I consume, it particularly grabs my attention. Recently, I tested which promotions launched for a very popular hazelnut cocoa spread (exactly the one you are thinking about) drives higher revenue. Would you say it is more effective to offer 35% discount than to offer one product for free when buying two? You would be surprised! 

What I like about the Dutch work mentality 

People are very productive, concerned about both professional growth and personal life

My career advice to you 

Start in advance to send CV’s and cover letters. Bear in mind that recruitment processes in The Netherlands may take some months. Most importantly: Don’t give up! (even after facing rejections).

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