• Roger SalhaniNationality: Syrian
  • Age: 31
  • Field of study: Information Technology and Information Management
  • Current employer: KPMG
  • Current position: Senior Consultant
Why I started my career in the Netherlands
When I first started my Master’s degree in the Netherlands, I was impressed by the tolerant and open Dutch society, as well as, the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Then, I directly realized the very big potential I have here and the unlimited possibilities to launch my career.
After that, when I started my internship in ING, I got even more exposed to the work environment. I was inspired by the directness and honesty of people at work. A very high level of professionalism and a lot of trust. This made me feel comfortable to share my thoughts and discuss my ideas. Furthermore, the diversity in the working environment makes it even more interesting. Finally, I faced no problem speaking English at work since everyone does. Therefore, I decided to launch my career in the Netherlands and I started a new experience in consulting with KPMG.
A typical work week
In consulting, no day is like the other. The most interesting thing is that you get involved in different projects, different industries and each time you apply a different skills set. There is always a new learning experience with each and every day. The best part is the Friday drinks where we gather all together, drink beers and start networking.
What I like about the Dutch work mentality
Directness and honesty are indeed the most important values, in my opinion. It just makes you feel more comfortable discussing with people, seeking honest feedback, sharing your thoughts as well as it increases the trust and makes you feel more confident.
Also, what I found very interesting is that Dutch work mentality is characterized by a longing for consensus as well as negotiation and flexibility. These characteristics in addition to the ones mentioned above in my point of view, are the foundation of a successful leadership.
My career advice to you
My number one advice is to build a strong and big network. Networking concept is very essential and important in the Netherlands. Attend events, meet people, share your thoughts, volunteer and get involved in any kind of social/business events. This will definitely help you increasing your visibility as well as meeting interesting people and building your network.
The second advice is to build a strong LinkedIn profile, keep it up to date and to a high level of professionalism. Also, get involved in discussions, groups, share content, exchange your experience and stay connected. If you did it right, people (including recruiters) will reach you out.
Want to connect?
Twitter: @roger_salhani
Email: roger.salhani (at) gmail.com
Skype: rog.sal