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Overview of the different residence permits
If you have a non-EEA/Swiss  nationality, regulations apply to your rights of stay and access to work in the Netherlands. There are four different residence permits which are especially relevant for graduates and researchers. Each includes a work permit exemption. Information on permits can be found below. A fifth option is open to graduates who have found an internship, in which case a residence permit and work permit needs to be applied for.

  1. Orientation year residence permit  to allow you one year residence in order to find a job or start a business
  2. Start-up scheme residence permit – to allow you one year residence to set up your start-up 
  3. Highly skilled migrants residence permit – applicable when you have found an employer
  4. Scientific researcher residence permit – applicable when you will do scientific research
  5. Internship residence permit – if you do an internship after your graduation

EEA and Swiss nationals
All European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals are entitled to stay in the Netherlands without a Dutch residence permit (verblijfsvergunning) or need of a work permit. Their passport or ID card is sufficient proof of their rightful stay. The EEA comprises the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.