• Nationality: Indian
  • Age: 25
  • Field of study: Technology Management & Operations
  • Current employer: ASML  Netherlands
  • Current position: Project coordinator - Product life cycle management

Why I started my career in the Netherlands 

Netherlands is a leader in the Logistics and High-tech sectors. The innovative approaches used in designing solutions in these sectors is what inclined me in starting my career in Netherlands. My current role is about working on the interface of these two sectors and I enjoy every bit of it.

A typical work week 

A typical work week consists of working in multiple cross sectoral projects. These are projects for New Product Introductions where I represent and ensure supply chain requirements are met in the product lifecycle. Further the work also includes managing complex engineering changes during the entire lifecycle of products. No work week for me is the same and that is the best part of the job. 

Cool projects 

·        Master Thesis on compliance management in process industries at AkzoNobel

·        Project on investment in renewables sector for Royal Dutch Shell

·        Project on organizing internships for students in developing economies in Asia and Africa for University of Groningen and Newcastle University

What I like about the Dutch work mentality

Direct communication, flat hierarchical structures and flexibility is what differentiates Dutch work culture from others. I find this very helpful in ones’ holistic development. The other important thing is that in a team everybody’s opinion is welcomed and appreciated. 

My career advice to you 

I suggest students to start early in their university life to join career events, open days etc and not wait till your final year. Make use of career services, study associations to network and look out for people in the field/ industry you want to work in. Reach out to alumni to know about their journeys, experiences and opportunities. If you share common ideas, passion with your peers don’t hesitate in making the first move to collaborate and in forging good relations. Trust yourself and make best use of opportunities. 

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