• Theodoros MatakiadisNationality: Greek
  • Age: 38
  • Field of study: Life Science
  • Current employer: Bayer Crop Science
  • Current position: - Head of Global Vegetable Seed Technology and co-owner “Greek foodtales”   

Why I started my career in the Netherlands 
In 2003-2004 I studied in the Netherlands. Knowing the culture (open-minded, innovative, multi-cultural) and the environment helped me to decide to return to the Netherlands to start my career.
Furthermore, the Netherlands is one of the most advanced countries in the world in the agriculture sector, my field of expertise.
A typical work week 
During a typical work week, one of my biggest tasks is checking in on my team, at Monsanto, and assessing their development and progress on various projects. I quite often meet with other groups to troubleshoot any issues.
During my evenings I most often work for a few hours on my own company.
Outside of work I prefer to spend most of my time with family or on my hobbies: dancing traditional Greek dances, and photography. This may look like a busy week but there is always time to fit in new things.
Cool projects 
All projects including problem-solving, innovation and connection of people, functions & regions.
Learning from others as well as sharing knowledge and experience through a project always keeps me motivated.
What I like about the Dutch work mentality 
Being very organised and time conscious is important when you have a busy schedule. Furthermore the fact they respect work-life balance is very important.
My career advice to you
Take risks, get out of your comfort zone, connect, learn from others and share your experience. 
Want to connect?!
Twitter: @teomatas
Skype: hpeiros