• Nationality: Brazilian
  • Age: 33
  • Field of study: Communication
  • Current employer: Joint Aviation Authorities Training organisation
  • Current position: Marketing and Communications officer

Why I started my career in the Netherlands 

I had lived in London for two years before. After four years in Brazil, I wanted to live in Europe again and Holland was the country which offered me a scholarship. I had a good impression of the country, mainly because of the biking habit, and I was told everybody speaks English here, besides the main language being Dutch, so I accepted the challenge. First I was awarded an Orange Tulip Scholarship, then a Holland Scholarship and a University of Twente Scholarship, one after the other - and it was essential, as I had no money to survive here without this help. 

A typical work week 

Building social media messages, taking pictures and videos of course participants and trainers. Working on a daily basis to improve my photo and video editing skills (getting professional). Posting with many tools (as Hootsuite). Writing press releases. Contacting the media. Studying new ways of engaging the public online. Revamping the website. Using statistical tools as Google Analytics. .

Cool projects 

Social media and website revamping.

What I like about the Dutch work mentality

Usually, they let you more free to do what you want and, usually are not so harsh on you.

My career advice to you 

Learn the tools and technology that the companies expect you to know and try to be understanding. New culture, new ways, it will get time for you to understand and blend in - but it will happen.

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