• Nationality: Indian
  • Age: 26
  • Field of study: International Business & Management Studies
  • Current employer: Synthesis
  • Current position: Online Specialist

Why I started my career in the Netherlands?

While India had many good studies, It had its drawbacks. I felt that the Indian education system really focused on theoretic learning than actually providing practical skills. Being a hands-on person myself, I decided I would study abroad. I choose to study in the Netherlands because of 3 main reasons: 

  1. The  hands-on education system 
  2. The internationally oriented classroom
  3. The multicultural and multinational job market

A typical work week

My work week is very flexible. I have the opportunity to work from home or even a cafe if it fuels my productivity. A typical work week starts for me on Monday at 8:00 am where I have my first call with my Marketing & Sales team. I usually do this call at home. The idea is to kickstart the day by sharing tasks and opportunities; hassles are also tackled at this very moment. The most important meeting for me is on Wednesday morning. It usually lasts a hour and a half. In this meeting with the Global Marketing & Sales team, I share online data, progress on daily and long term tasks, customer and employee insights. The idea behind this meeting is to have open communication within the team as well as learn and share responsibility. Moving on to the last day of the week, closing friday, is in typical Dutch manner; a rush to meet deadlines. The Marketing & Sales team usually closes the Friday at 15:30 which is followed by the Friday drinks. Depending on the sales targets achieved in the week, the Friday drink can easily turn into an early Saturday morning afterparty. 

Cool projects 

Since I moved to the Netherlands I have had the opportunity to be part of some very exciting and cool projects in the Netherlands, for example:

  1. I was part of a specialist team which planned and executed the 2015 Trade Mission of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte and Mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan to India.
  2. Through my background and cultural knowledge of India, I created a strategic planning and management framework for the Port of Amsterdam, allowing them to achieve targets and goals from the Indian subcontinent. 
  3. Conducting multiple workshops and presentations for students and young professionals on Cross Cultural Management and its impact on business. 
  4. Having, not one but two start-ups at the age of 23
  5. Being able to work at one of the oldest Dutch firms and having an impact on 4 million people in the Netherlands through various products and services.
  6. And of course, being a Holland Career Ambassador. 

What I like about the Dutch work mentality 

What I like the most about the Dutch work mentality is the openness and the opportunity to have a balanced professional and personal life. The attention payed to personal growth is also very nice. What is also really great is the flat organization structures. You can, and it is appreciated if you are critical and question the norm. The ability to tackle issues as team is also very attractive and to close the deal I would mention the freedom and autonomy to do tasks and achieve targets. 

My career advice to you

My career advice to all internationals would be to be very open minded. The way the Dutch work maybe very different to what you are familiar with but in the Netherlands, its the Dutch way which works. If you have ideas, go outside your comfort zone and pursue them. I would also suggest young professionals to network. Go to as many networking events as possible; talk to people and create meaningful connections. Grabbing the opportunity is the key. Always be open to start at a lower position in a company of your choice and be willing to put the extra effort to grow to your desired level. Talk before making assumptions and make sure you are presentable but not so much that your face value shadows your real talent and potential

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