Start your own Holland alumni network

Information on starting your own Holland alumni network.

If you want to start a Holland alumni network, you should read some of the experiences of the ones already established. You should also follow the general guidelines set out below.

  • Find four or five other enthusiastic alumni: together you will be the founding members.
  • Define the alumni association’s objectives. Write a strategic plan using the template (see 'Format Strategic Plan' under Downloads below).
  • Formulate a concrete action plan which focuses on recruitment of members, activities that can be explored and expanded, and anything else you can think of.
  • Contact an existing Holland Alumni Association for advice. For addresses please look at the list of existing Holland Alumni Associations.
  • Register your alumni association by obtaining Official Registration (see 'Format By-laws NAA' for association in NFP countries, and 'Format By laws' for associations in other countries under Downloads below).
  • If there is one, contact the Nuffic Neso office or the Netherlands Education Information Office in your country.
  • Contact the Netherlands Embassy in your country (you can find the contact information on the website of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Missions abroad) and invite them to become an official partner, e.g. as an external advisor or an Honorary Board Member.
  • Find potential members of your Holland Alumni Association through the Holland Alumni Directory.
  • Try and establish contact with your former institution in the Netherlands for other alumni addresses in your country.
  • Consider formalising a standard annual subscription fee for members in order to help finance the organisation and its activities.
  • Try one of the online training modules especially designed for starting Alumni Associations.

Good luck with your plans!


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