Dutch Science Talks lecture in Moscow. Meeting the growing appetite of cities sustainably - a consumption perspective

About the lectureThe growing appetite of cities is one of the greatest challenges of our times. We have a great deal of choice about what we eat in 2019, but this abundance is under pressure. Climate change, waste, resource depletion, environmental pollution, social inequality, and diseases of affluence call for drastic change in the food system.How can we feed more people who will live longer, and want to do so more healthily, without depleting the Earth? Taking an urban consumption perspective, the lecture addresses the interrelated challenges of creating a more sustainable urban food system that also contributes to healthier food consumption patterns. Illustrating global trends as well as international contextual differences, the issues and tensions that will be discussed include city-region food systems, eroding confidence in food systems and food quality, social equity, and the unruliness of everyday consumption practices of urbanites. Today's decisions are made for the future. How will urbanites will be able to answers the question 'What's for dinner?' in 2050?About the lecturerDr. Sigrid Wertheim-Heck is a professor of Food and Healthy Living at the Aeres University of Applied Sciences and senior research fellow at the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen University. She has particular qualifications in consumer and market research on accessing sustainable food and on food security in urban areas. She holds a master in history and international relations, a master in Russian and Eurasian Studies both at Leiden University, and a PhD in consumption sociology at Wageningen University with a thesis on food consumption in modernizing Vietnam.To register for the lecture, please proceed to the website of the Dutch Science Talks project.